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Modern Entrepreneurial Space at a superb venue

Coworking Space in Sunnyvale - Plaza del rev

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Fläche: 2002 sqft

Empfohlene Anzahl an Gästen: 15 - 150

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Stornierungsbedingungen: Vollständige Erstattung der Gebühren bei Stornierung bis zu 30 Tage vor dem Event. 50% Erstattung bei Stornierung bis 7 Tage vor dem Event

Highlights (inklusive): Barrierefrei, Tageslicht durchfluteter Raum, Küche


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Our 2,000 square foot spacious event space is called ‘The Living Room’ due to the lounge furniture we have placed throughout; all in all, about 65-seating lounge pieces. The Living Room is a warm, inviting space that is a bit different from the traditional meeting room. We have unique groupings of lounge furniture to provide the feel of a living room while still being functional for meetings with five tables that sit 6-8 people each, four 70-inch screens to display a presentation all equipped with Apple TV and HDMI hookups, rolling whiteboards for brainstorming, quick wifi access, and a separate entrance with outside seating.

The Living Room is perfect for an offsite team meeting, planning sessions, workshops, creative brainstorming space, lunch-and-learns, demos, hackathons, and more! We invite you to come and take a look so you can get a feel for it yourself and learn more about why The Living Room is the perfect space for your next event.

- Equipped with courtesy wifi, monitors w/ HDMI input and Apple TVs, speakers for music, dimmable mood lighting, and dry erase boards.
- Premium coffee brewed in the front lobby to greet you and your guests (between M-F 7am-7pm.)
- Directional signage to guide guests from front entrance to event space or at separate entrance for event.
- All bookings include an additional 30-minute teardown time after booking ends.
- Our facilities have separate entrance to space; courtesy parking around building and on street.
- VTA buses and light rail a 5-minute walk away; Caltrain is also nearby, about 2 miles down nearby Mathilda Avenue.

Additional Information:

👥 Headcount: The Living Room can hold anywhere from 1-150 people. However, if your group is less than 15 people, we recommend checking out one of our more traditional meeting rooms as well for comparison, just let us know!

🕑 Booking Length and Rate: We require a minimum of 2 hours when booking The Living Room, however we have no cap or restriction on hours. Our listing's hourly rate applies to our regular business hours. Depending on your inquiry, you may be charged at one of the rates below:

Headcount varies price:
1 - 40 - - - Weekday rate: $225/hr - - Weekend rate: $275/hr - - -
41 - 75 - - - Weekday rate: $275/hr - - Weekend rate: $350/hr - - -
76 - 150 - - - Weekday rate: $375/hr - - Weekend rate: $475/hr - - -

📦 Type: You can rent The Living Room as-is by simply paying the hourly fee. Or, you can choose from several preset event packages for worry-free logistics. If you’re somewhere in between, we offer an a la carte menu where you can pick and choose what you need.

🛠 Layout: You can keep The Living Room as is or choose from one of our three layouts; Classroom, Auditorium, or Standing Party. Changes in layout incur a fee, starting at $75 and dependent on headcount. Please let us know what set up you need so we can make arrangements before your event!

💻 Equipment: The Living Room comes with wifi, monitors on wheels equipped with Apple TVs and HDMI hookups, speakers for music, dimmable mood lighting, and rolling whiteboards.

☕ Refreshments and Catering: We are happy to set your event up with food and beverages and handle any catering needs you and your team may have, just let us know and we’ll come up with a package tailored to your needs.

Coffee and Tea Bar : $4 per person
Access to Kitchen : $4 per person for under 4 hours, $8 per person for 4+ hours
Simple Snack and Beverage Catering : $10 per person
Catering Logistics : $1.50 per person
All other catering packages can be discussed per event as needed.

💁 Onsite Help: Our team is here to help you make your event run smoothly. From the minute you and your guests walk in they’ll be greeted by a friendly face, see signage for events, and be led to The Living Room while being given relevant information, such as what is wifi access and restroom locations. We will be on-site during your event for questions or to respond to needs/issues that may arise.

- - - If you require assistance throughout your event, it is $45 per hour per staff member in accordance with booked times. - - -

- Host is to be present for start and finish of booking times. Please connect us with the host if you are booking for them.
- Please let us know your event agenda and when the host will arrive.
- Outside of the booking times you will have 30 minutes for active setting up and takedown. If these are not used for that purpose, we will bill accordingly.
- Trash is meant to be thrown away in receptacles; the general area must be left reasonably tidy after the event
- Use of the open area and amenities outside the event space and bathrooms are not allowed (see disclaimer below).
- Furniture is only to be moved upon request and only by staff.
- Any unauthorized changes to room layout can incur reset fees and possible damage fees.
- Any changes after submitting booking are subject to availability and late notice fees.

We are a running a 24/7 coworking space at this location and you can find members of our space working from their offices or open space desks. This means that large doors into the hallway will need to be kept closed most of the time. Your guests must pass by our coworking space members quietly on their way to the restrooms. We also have a fully stocked kitchen that is available upon request (for an additional fee). If your guests help themselves to the items in the kitchen without prior arrangements in the event space booking, there will be a fee charged based upon consumption. Thank you for your understanding.

No smoking or pets allowed.

Security Cameras
We have security cameras active on the premises at all times. The cameras may not be covered or turned off at any time. These devices are used for insurance purposes only, but can be monitored at any time.

Decorations and Displays
We want to make every event here a special and welcome experience. Therefore, every effort will be made to allow Clients to prepare decorations reflecting their creative requirements. We ask that only our staff rearrange and move any furnishings, including, but not limited to, artwork, lamps, antiques or seating. All displays and decorations proposed by the Client are subject to approval. The Client is responsible for removing all displays and decorations after the event. We assume no liability for any loss or damage to any such property for any reason. No tacky tape, gaffer tape, nails, screws, staples or penetrating items are to be used on our walls or floors. No glitter or foil (non-paper) confetti is allowed on-site. Any damage will be charged after your event. Extra cleaning fees may apply for decorations not approved by us prior to the event date.

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