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Earn money by claiming your profiles!

Step 1: Confirm your email

The system can't match your email?
Please read our FAQ article and get in contact with us.

How to claim your venues

Here's the process, from start to finish.

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Confirm your email

To make sure you are the owner of the email address we used to create your profiles. Fill the form and we will send a confirmation email. If you can't access that email address please read our FAQ article and get in contact with us.

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Create user

Please create a user account and we will connect it with your profiles. You can use the email address that you confirmed in first step or any address that you own; we will use the email you specify in this step for all further notifications.

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Complete your profiles

We created the light profiles from publicly available data; refinements are needed and we will ask you to enter keys elements, like pricing. More information can be found in our FAQ article.