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Nous sommes désolés, mais l'espace Situated in the middle of a creative and innovative business platform n'est plus disponible.

Salle de réunion à Amsterdam

Nous pouvons vous proposer de nombreux choix à Amsterdam:


Superficie : 240 m2

Nombre de personnes recommandé : 101 - 420

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Salle de classe


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€ 1100

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par jour

Tous les prix sont HT

Politique d'annulation: Remboursement du prix total (100 %) si annulation de la réservation jusqu'à 30 jours avant l'événement. Si l’annulation est effectuée entre 7 et 30 jours avant, remboursement de 50 % du montant total de la réservation.

Points forts (Compris): Ascenseur, Accès handicapés

Les plus

Ces services sont disponibles si vous réservez ce lieu. Placez votre souris sur le service pour avoir plus de détails.

Déjeuner Gourmet

€ 18.00

Café et Thé

€ 5.00


€ 5.00

Déjeuner Express

€ 6.50


€ 31.00

Projecteur et écran

€ 75.00



Système son


Voir plus de Equipement technique


€ 40.00

Amsterdam seminar rooms Salle de réunion B. Amsterdam - Mark image 2
Amsterdam seminar rooms Salle de réunion B. Amsterdam - Mark image 0
Amsterdam seminar rooms Salle de réunion B. Amsterdam - Mark image 1


“We make entrepreneurship within everyone's reach by providing our spaces, the right toolset and social environment.”
Under the motto "Building Business", we offer facilities, service and the right environment and community at a competitive price to the self-employed, start-ups, creative companies and multinationals. "You can come in with an idea and a laptop and get started in our lounge. Meeting the right people and getting started allows your business to grow; from a (flex) office to a small office to an even larger office." To connect is the key factor at B., which applies to start-ups as well as multinationals. Everything is based on the philosophy that (making) connections are the key to successful entrepreneurship.
The concept of B. is therefore not only limited to the work environment, but we see and approach B. as a living habitat. The aim is to achieve the same level of comfort of your home environment at the workplace. B. has invested heavily in hospitality (1,000m2), a rooftop park (2,000m2), various sports / lifestyle concepts and event spaces. As a result, B. is able to provide an energetic environment on a daily basis, with the aim to connect.

Next to providing work spaces, the most important facility within B. are events. Events stimulate contact between entrepreneurs and parties within the B. platform. This enables to (re)connect every day.

As an event location, B. offers both standard cheap, quick 'in and out' solutions and customized productions on a floor size totalling 3,000 m2. B. is developed through smart reuse of materials: a unique venue for your meeting or event due to the unique industrial and raw look. A fertile breeding ground for creativity. B’s homely atmosphere creates an environment where people / companies can easily connect.

Examples of events: meetings, conferences, coaching, workshops, presentations, corporate events, seminars, courses, motivational events, brainstorming sessions, client days, team building days, training sessions, networking venues, corporate events, photo shoots, fashion shows, product presentations, pitches

Description per room at B. Amsterdam.
• Congress hall (240m2), can be divided into three rooms (80m2 each) or two rooms (1x80m2 and 1x160m2). No fixed chairs and/or stage plan.
• Heineken Think Room. Arena set-up
• One-off space (3,000m2) Entirely empty floor, can be set up according your own wishes.
• Lounge Includes vintage sofas, bar, home-like setting


Contacter Spacebase

Bonjour, je m'appelle Naomi Jacquin.
Avec Spacebase, toutes vos réservations sont suivies par un de nos experts pour faire de votre réunion, ou workshop, un succès. Si vous avez besoin d'aide, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter: +49 30 959992030

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