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Take a look below to find meeting spaces in Munich. Munich has so much to offer, both business and pleasure, making it ideal for meetings and work events. We offer unique and unexpected spots, like boxing rings, alongside stylish and professional rooms with the latest technology, available for an inspiring morning or a productive afternoon. At Spacebase, our booking process is quick, simple, and hassle free.

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What is the average hourly rate in Cologne? The average hourly rate in Cologne is 66€ per hour, excl. tax, but you can also book venues for as cheap as 5€ per hour.

How many hours are included in the daily rate? The daily rate represents a 10 hour use of the space on business hours: from 8am to 6pm or from 9am to 7pm for example. Please keep in mind that the opening hours can vary from space to space and that additional fees may occur outside of the opening hours. Please note that some spaces may have an 8 hour daily rate only - in that case, the information is given in the space description.

What is the Spacebase processing fee for guests? Spacebase does not charge guests a processing fee. We charge a service fee to hosts, which allows us to promote their spaces and support their bookings.

What is the difference between a booking and a reservation? There are two possible ways to book a space on Spacebase: - Direct booking: if you request to book a room, the space owner has 72 hours to confirm or decline the request. When it is confirmed, the space will be booked for your event. - Reservation: you request a 3 days non-binding reservation. The space owner has 72 hours to confirm or decline your request. In case it is confirmed, you have 72 hours to make your final decision to either book the space or decline the reservation. You turn the reservation into a booking by choosing a payment method on the hire details page.

Can I book the location for just a couple of hours? Sure, most of the spaces are bookable per hour. In that case, you can find the price per hour on the venue detail page. Some spaces charge a minimum booking fee, which you can find on the space profile as well.

Organising your event in Munich

Although Munich may sometimes have the air of a sleepy German town, its sights, industry and hospitality are truly world-class. Germany’s second largest city is located in southern Bavaria, not far from the Alpine tip of the country, giving it good transport connections to Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

A hub of art, cuisine and music, Munich has a flourishing cultural heritage which can be easily soaked up strolling among the neo-Gothic churches and breathtaking architecture of the inner-city’s spaces. For example the City Hall in Marienplatz or the beautiful Englisher Garten, not the mention the its world-famous selection of art galleries and museums. But perhaps Munich is most famous for its annual Bavarian beer and German food festival, Oktoberfest. This has given the people of Munich a reputation for respecting their cultural traditions but simultaneously enjoying an eccentric joie de vivre. The very same Bavarian charm can be enjoyed by hiring some of the city’s atmospheric beer halls and authentic cellars.

Yet there is more to Munich than just the cliches of Lederhosen and Brezel. It is home to some of Germany’s most renowned brands such as BMW, Siemens and Allianz. Its large immigrant and student populations also lend the city an exciting flair which contrasts against its elegant historic exterior, all making Munich a unique European city.