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Es tut uns leid, aber der Space Newly renovated building on the Williamsburg Waterfront ist nicht mehr verfügbar.

Meetingraum in NYC.

Wir können viele Alternativen in NYC:anbieten


Empfohlene Anzahl an Gästen: 1 - 10


$ 60

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pro Stunde

$ 450

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pro Tag

Alle Preise exkl. MwSt.

Stornierungsbedingungen: Vollständige Erstattung der Gebühren bei Stornierung bis zu 7 Tage vor dem Event. 50% Erstattung bei Stornierung bis 24 Stunden vor dem Event.

Highlights (inklusive): Fahrstuhl, Küche


Die folgenden Extras sind bei diesem Raum buchbar. Gehe mit der Maus auf das jeweilige Extra, um mehr Details zu sehen.

Kaffee und Tee

$ 8.00


$ 6.00

Standard Mittagessen

$ 17.50

Budget Mittagessen

$ 14.50


$ 100.00

Beamer und Leinwand

$ 275.00





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Finding a suitable and affordable meeting room in NYC can sometimes be a rather difficult job. That is what makes this meeting room so incredibly special: it is affordable and looks absolutely amazing. Rent this NYC meeting room and you will be able to secure yourself of having a productive, yet comfortable meeting together with your colleagues or clients, of which 10 can be seated in the meeting room for rent. The unique design, creates a creative and inspirational environment, definitely contributing to any brainstorming sessions during the meeting. So especially if you are part of a startup or have a small project team to discuss ideas with, this venue will definitely fulfill your needs!

We understand that it is highly necessary to have some technical equipment during the meeting to show your ideas and thoughts to the group. That is why we equipped the Williamsburg meeting room with a Smart TV with a PC/Mac adapter, a conference phone, a whiteboard and high speed internet. Besides, your room has also been equipped with A/C and heat. Regarding catering options, we can arrange coffee, tea, water and several lunch options, at additional charges. Please contact us for more information.

Located in the most prestigious part of Williamsburg, the NYC meeting room is easily reachable by public transport, as you can take subway line L and walk to the venue. Besides being able to easily reach the venue, Williamsburg is also a pleasant area to be for your meeting, as it is calm yet there are enough facilities around. Take a quick break while walking to the Williamsburg Waterfront or grab some drinks after the meeting in one of the bars around.


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