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"EyeEm connects 22 million photographers with the world's leading brands. Users can source authentic imagery and videos - empowered by world-leading AI technology.

We first started using Spacebase as they have spaces located near our offices in the middle of Kreuzberg. Spacebase offered us a great location for a decent price.

We usually use Spacebase for a brainstorming session or strategic meetings, so their quiet, bright rooms are great for allowing us to focus and generate results quickly. Their locations are perfect for our off-sites or meetings that require a creative environment.

We always enjoy our experience with Spacebase – we’d be happy to go back anytime!"

Tina Nord - Head of Growth, EyeEm


"Lime connects riders to the people and places that matter most, bringing cities together and empowering better urban living. Through the equitable distribution of shared scooters, bikes and transit vehicles, we aim to reduce dependence on personal automobiles for short distance transportation and leave future generations with a cleaner, healthier planet.

We were searching for event spaces that resembles what we stand for; local spaces with a story.

We believe in transparency and accountability and this is exactly what Spacebase gave us. It’s incredible to experience how fast and easy it is to find spaces. Via Spacebase we’ve experienced not only amazing, local spaces but also the stories behind these spaces. The easy booking & payment system helped me to focus on what mattered most, enjoying the event space."

Lars Speekenbrink - Operations Lead, Lime


"Coya is changing the world of insurance. We are creating insurance that is simple, digital and focused on what people really want. We believe that insurance is fundamentally good and should give people the chance to focus on what really matters to them and live more.

Spacebase is a very useful platform with a huge variety of spaces suitable for different types of events that can and should definitely be used by companies like Coya. With the help of different filters the searching process takes the minimum amount of time. I personally find the “check availability” option just perfect, since it reduces the time to email the space owner back and forth. In addition, it is incredibly helpful to have an open support chat and be able to get any info needed right away.

Every change is helpful, even a change of place. People get used to having meetings and events in their usual work environment, which decreases the chances to be “in the moment”. Some spaces like Liane, where we had our last event, stand out just by having some unusual details. In this particular case, the many plants and that 1% of the price is donated towards an inspiring project make you feel a part of something bigger. Just like in Coya, the space is also taking care of the environment by being paperless and recycling waste."

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