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Sitting under the shadow on the mighty Table Mountain, Cape Town - or ‘The Mother City’ - is located on the southern-most tip of South Africa, at the very bottom of the continent. However the city’s relative isolation has not impacted on its popularity for tourism and business. Cape Town was recently named the most entrepreneurial city in Africa and was also voted the best city in the world to visit in the Telegraph Travel Awards 2013, the world’s largest travel survey. It is not difficult to see why, when the vibrant metropolitan area is surrounded by beautiful sea vistas and a stunning mountain backdrop.

As the oldest city in South Africa, Cape Town has many beautiful buildings with various architectural styles. Its colonial history is visible through the neo-classical European flavour of its City Hall, while the colourful bungalows of the city’s Malay District feel more Latin than African. Much of the city’s identity was influenced by the influx of Dutch settlers during the 1600s and 1700s but its status as a trading port meant it was also a melting pot for many different cultures.

As we hail from Cape Town ourselves, Spacebase has an established foothold in the city’s diverse event venues. From meeting rooms in the impressive World Cup stadium to a variety of alternative co-working spaces that have helped contribute to the city’s entrepreneurial spirit, Cape Town’s business potential is fantastic. The city doesn’t fare badly in the realm of hospitality either: a wealth of independent restaurants and boutique bars, as well as out-of-town vineyards and villas indicate that Cape Town is really carving out a pretty cool reputation for itself.