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Organising your event in Copenhagen

The Danish capital has got a lot to offer. A beautiful location on the western edge of the Baltic Sea, Copenhagen has grown from a humble Nordic fishing village into one of the most cosmopolitan and forward-thinking cities in Europe. Situated between mainland Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic it is easy to reach and has a number of unique qualities that set it apart from other European cities.

Copenhagen has been at the forefront of some pretty progressive city planning measures and social policy, which underpin the its ambition of becoming the world’s first carbon neutral capital by 2025. It is considered one of the most safest cities in the world for cyclists, with bikes actually out-numbering inhabitants.

Copenhagen’s innovative and sustainable attitude means you’ll find a lot of old forgotten spaces that have found a new life as exciting venues. Waterside warehouses and industrial factories are now being used as creative hubs and versatile event spaces. The city also has one of the highest number of bars and restaurants per capita. Not surprising then that Copenhagen has an impressive experimental culinary scene with many avant-garde restaurants and cafes.