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Organising your event in Frankfurt / Rhine-Main

Frankfurt-am-Main is a city of contrasts. Despite its towering futuristic skyline (often dubbed ‘Mainhattan’), the city is also home to small historic squares and cobblestone streets. The city’s location makes tranport connections easy as it is situated in the beating heart of Germany has the second largest airport in Europe.

Internationally renowned for being the financial powerhouse of Germany, Frankfurt is a very popular destination for European business being the home to the European Central Bank, the German Stock Exchange and many other large  blue-chip companies. Not surprisingly then Spacebase offers a selection of different meeting spaces and office facilities, from rooftop locations with stunning views to function rooms in some of the city’s most glamorous hotels.

Yet it would be unfair to simply associate Frankfurt with business. The city has no shortage of traditional German restaurants and pubs (try apple wine, the local tipple) as well as stylish contemporary restaurants and cafes. This demonstrates how Frankfurt has developed into an international metropolis, but successfully retained important traditions, which have kept local identity strong.