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LOFT on Hollywood Road

Guests: 1 - 10


CoCoon Private Office

Guests: 1 - 12


Screening Lounge

Guests: 10 - 50


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Organising your event in Hong Kong

Often considered a place where East meets West, Hong Kong is perhaps the most culturally diverse city in Asia. Its status as a British Colony until 1997 means the city has come under the influence of many different cultures, which have had a distinct impact on its cuisines, languages and architecture. Its warm sub-tropical climate, fantastic selection of international restaurants and a vibrant nightlife mean that it has become a popular destination for English-speaking expats.

Hong Kong’s banking expertise and close ties to China and other Asian markets, also make it a great place for business and there is certainly no shortage of office space or meeting rooms in the city. Not to mention its strategically significant location: the business hubs of Tokyo, Shanghai and Taiwan situated to its north, and Singapore and Kuala Lumpur lying to its south.

The relatively small size of Hong Kong, mixed with its rapid development means the city does not as much space to play with as it would like. However this has an underlying advantage. High rents and fierce competition have meant that restaurants, cafes and bars must constantly maintain good business to survive. This means you will find a consistently high-quality of spaces and venues available to hire in the city. And let’s not forget that there is more to Hong Kong than just its bustling inner-city. By venturing inland, or across the water to Discover Bay, you will find a calmer atmosphere where event space may be cheaper to rent, and in fact closer to the airport.