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Flatiron Event Hall

Guests: 40 - 175


Union Square Studio Space

Guests: 1 - 50


Daily Open Desk Space

Guests: 1 - 2


Nolita, NYC Meeting Rooms

Guests: 1 - 10


Classroom space

Guests: 1 - 20


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Looking for your next training room hire in NYC?

Finding training facilities for rent in NYC can be a daunting task; the jungle of too-expensive and too-small real estate that New Yorkers have to search through is enough to make anyone dread finding a training room rental. Thankfully, Spacebase’s online portfolio includes tons of training room rentals in NYC. Instead of making multiple phone calls or researching for hours, you can visit Spacebase to check out training room hires and filter by price, size, style, and many other options.

Spacebase makes it easy to find a training room rental that is interesting, creative, engaging and completely unique. The list of our available spaces is long but also diverse; we have some of the most unique spaces you could imagine for your company’s training and development. We have training rooms for rent in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, so choosing a convenient location is a breeze. Taking your employees to the perfect training room hire in NYC is sure to boost the employer-employee relationship at your office. Employees are also more likely to be excited for and to retain information from offsite training facilities for rent! The diversity of NYC creates a natural landscape full of modern rooms, green spaces and even outside-of-the-box venues that would be awesome for your next training room hire.

If you need specific equipment or extra teaching tools, never fear! Whether you need technical equipment such as projectors and microphones, training equipment or even drinks and catering, it’s all just a quick click away on the same page as your offsite training room. If you don’t quite find the right training facilities for rent, please contact us directly and we will be happy to help you in your quest to banish boring meetings!