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Organising your event in Berlin

Famously dubbed ‘arm aber sexy’ (poor but sexy) by its own maverick mayor, Berlin boasts a fantastic selection of dynamic and enchanting event spaces. These offer a wealth of potential, from vibrant cultural events and parties, to business meetings and co-working spaces. With a well-connected public transport system and two easily accessible airports, you are never far from your destination in Berlin, making the city perfect for local as well as international events.

Berlin’s reputation as a creative and cultural melting pot lies firmly in the city’s history. No other European city has been shaped by the tides of 20th-century history like the German capital, and this past is visible in the architecture and buildings of Berlin today. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 saw large parts of the inner-city abandoned as citizens fled for the allure of Capitalism in the West. This historical development left a vast selection of unexplored spaces that found new life as vibrant art galleries, clubs, bars and restaurants. By embracing failure as chance, Berlin’s Eastern districts are now some of the coolest neighbourhoods in Europe and they enjoy a tolerant and progressive atmosphere that is famous all over the world.

This unique history has also helped Berlin achieve its title as ‘Start-up Capital of Europe’ as aspirational entrepreneurs who have recognised the cheap rents, young talent and available business space have founded successful companies here. This has made Berlin an influential business hub for the technology and media industries.