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Organising your event in Vienna

Vienna is one of the cultural jewels of Europe. Its location in the epicentre of the continent has always made it an influential meeting point for ideas, politics and commerce. The city’s strategic location ensures Vienna remains a strong hub for European business and a popular international tourist destination. Poised between Germany, Italy and Switzerland, and on the doorstep of Eastern Europe, Vienna is well connected with rail, road and flight links in every direction.

As the throne of the House of Habsburg, for centuries Vienna was one of the most powerful cities in Europe. Although now a political dwarf compared to its previous dominance, imposing reminders of the grand Habsburg Empire are visible in the city’s lavish buildings and palaces. Vienna also has an impressive cultural history. Its intellectual cafe culture facilitated the artistic movements of Viennese Modernism and the Viennese Secession, while the city was stomping grounds for influential figures such as Sigmund Freud and Gustav Klimt to name just two.

Yet the Austrian capital has still kept up with the times, boasting new contemporary art galleries and and eateries which mix with its beautiful imperial exterior and help retain its status as one of the most beautiful and exciting capitals in Europe.